Viable tool for obtaining simultaneously objective data on participant activity levels, the session context in which they occur, and how instructors are interacting regarding promoting physical activity and fitness during physical education, exercise classes, and sport practices.

SOFIT (System for Observing Fitness Instruction Time) is a comprehensive tool for assessing physical education (PE) and sport instruction by providing for the simultaneous collection of data on participant activity levels, the session context, and instructor behavior. Physical activity engagement is one of the main health-related goals of physical education and sport participation and it is needed in order for participants to become physically fit and physically skilled. Participation in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) during sessions is highly dependent upon how PE/fitness/sport instruction is delivered (i.e., lesson/practice context) and the instructor delivering it (i.e., teacher/coach behavior).


  • Dashboard

    Immediate feedback of latest session with Physical Activity and Session Context charts. All summary information and Energy / Total Expenditure Rate indicators.

  • Interactive Observation

    Observe and Record 10 seconds countdown with speech guidance. Subject changing alert with blinking and voice indication.

  • Export RAW data

    Under development.