Viable tool for assessing physical activity on parks and recreation. iSOPARC is an application that implements the SOPARC protocol strategies in an effort to assist the scientific community and practitioners to generate important data from the field and to store, process and export it.

SOPARC (System for Observing Play and Active Recreation in Communities) is an observation tool designed to obtain objective data on the number of participants and their physical activity levels in park and recreation settings. Simultaneously codes contextual characteristics of areas including their accessibility, usability and whether or not supervision, organized activities, and equipment are provided. Expands SOPLAY by making separate scans for race/ethnicity and age groupings.


  • Digital Counter

    With three Counter modes with optional speech support to help observers training. On each Target Area visit, use SCAN4, SCAN2 or SCAN1 mode to observe the participants. The number represents how many scans user must execute to complete an observation. Counter tool automatically marks the time and location of your scans. Easy.

  • Paperless collection

    No more paper, timer, clock, pen or mechanical counter. All you need is your iPad device and iSOPARC installed. With fixed and variable data, the observer doesn't need to fill in all observation fields. Enhance your Target Area preparation by drawing the area polygon on the iSOPARC's Scan Space tool and get the total area calculated. Set previously saved Park and Target Area an you're good to start your scan.

  • Consistency and Foolproof

    Every observation form field will be validated on submission/saving action. Besides, each scan will be marked with start and end time stamp, as well with the automatic Coding Station (GPS coordinates for the beginning observation's location). Optionally add photos to your observation for later validation. This will result on total data integrity. Foolproof.

  • Project Oriented

    Create a Project and add Parks/Large Areas and Target Areas to it. Use this hierarchical model to load, explore and edit all the collected data. With ease you can control how many observations a Target Area has and understand how's the day period scan share.

  • Easy exportation

    Select your project, export and receive all detailed data on your email or use iTunes to download your exported files. Choose between total or incremental exportation. Use iSOPARC built-in metadata documentation to help you on your data processing and analysis.

  • Fast development

    With all these features combined and a lot more, you have one simple tool that will allow you to make fast and lightweight field work. Move fast between every Target Area and change quickly to another Park/Large Area context, with just one button press. iSOPARC will let you concentrate more on your observation.