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This course aims to develop knowledge and expertise on exercise prescription and exercise assessment related to health issues in different populations. The programme enables students to apply the latest theoretical concepts to practical sport and health science problems and projects.


Apllicants must accomplish at least 240 ECTS.


Scientific Area


The candidates who complete the course with use of expertise (2 semesters) will be conferred the diploma concerned. Todos os alunos que concluírem com aproveitamento este curso poderão candidatar-se à realização do curso de doutoramento em Actividade Física e Saúde com a respectiva transferências de créditos. All students who complete this course with exploitation may apply to the completion of the course of Doctor of Physical Activity and Health with its transfers of credits.




PhD José Oliveira (Director)

PhD José Alberto Duarte

PhD Jorge Mota


Contents and Credit Units


The course has a total of 60 units of credit distributed by the subjects listed below.

Contents Hours ECTS
1st Semester
Data Analysis [Programa] - 4
Coordination: PhD José Carlos Ribeiro
Exercise and Healthy Lifestyles [Programa] - 5
Coordination: PhD Jorge Mota, Joana Carvalho, José Oliveira e Maria Paula Santos
Life style and nutrition [Programa] - 3
Coordination: PhD Pedro Moreira
Biology [Programa] - 6
Coordination: PhD José Alberto Duarte
Physical Activity in Health and Disease [Programa] - 12
Coordination: PhD José Oliveira, Jorge Mota, José Alberto Duarte
Annual Parcial -- 30
2nd Semester
Assessment Methods and Models of Intervention in Physical Activity Promotion [Programa] -- 10
Coordination: PhD José Oliveira, José Carlos Ribeiro, Maria Paula Santos
Exercise Prescription and Physical Fitness Assessment [Programa] -- 10
Coordination: PhD José Oliveira, José Carlos Ribeiro, Maria Paula Santos, António Ascensão e José Magalhães
Exercise Prescription and Body Composition Assessment [Programa] -- 10
Coordination: PhD José Carlos Ribeiro, Maria Paula Santos, Joana Carvalho
Annual Parcial -- 30
Total -- 60


Essential Information


Number of Students





Date of beginning: February, 2009


3/11/2008 untill 5/12/2008

Applicants submission status information

Due by 16/12/08

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The academic activities take place in the premises of the CIAFEL
Faculty of Sports
Rua Dr. Plácido Costa, 91
4200-450 Porto