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PhD Course in Physical Activity and Health


Physical Activity and Health PhD Program - Application results (General and FCT Grant)

PhD Course in Physical Activity and Health

Application - March 1st untill April 30th 2007

This course is funded by FCT (www.fct.mctes.pt). The course will offer 3 grants. Grant's application deadline by April 10th. Applicants must send their CV and a research Project for one of the subjects mentioned below:

Grant 1:
Main Subject – Functional Evaluation.
Issue – Cardiac Rehabilitation.
Key-words – Cardiovascular functionality; muscular functionality; cardio-respiratory fitness, metabolism, risk factors, programs.

Grant 2:
Main Subject – Body Composition Assessment.
Issue - Non – Communicable Diseases.
Key-words – Obesity; Type 2 Diabetes; Insulin resistence; metabolism.

Grant 3:
Main Subject – Determinants and Quality of Life .
Tema – Aging.
Key-words – Environmental Factors; Social environment; Socio-economic factors; Well-being; Barriers.

Further information: www.fade.up.pt;
www.fade.up.pt/ciafel; provas_academicas@fade.up.pt

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Prof. José Oliveira (Director)


Educational Aims and Program


The purpose of a Ph.D. study is to develop the student´s capacity for identifying, comprehending, formulating and solving scientific problems in the widest sense. Thus, the chief element of a Ph.D. study programme is an individually designed research project which the student shall carry out under the guidance of one or more supervisor(s), using the scientific methodology of a special area of research, and hereby contributing to advance research in this area.

The course aims to:

  1. Prepare students with the means to enhance their own experience of research in the sport and exercise sciences;
  2. Prepare students for employment in the field of sport and exercise science research;
  3. Prepare students for more general employment through the development of transferable skills;
  4. Prepare students to undertake postgraduate research in the field of sport and exercise sciences;
  5. Enable students to demonstrate an integrated and critical appreciation of conceptual and methodological issues;
  6. Enable students to demonstrate expertise in appropriate research strategies, methods and skills;
  7. Enable students to demonstrate mastery of appropriate conceptual material.

1st Semester
Research Methods (1.5UC)
Exercise Physiology
Practical Studies
Sposts Psychology

2nd Semester
Data Analysis
Life Style and Exercise
Nutrition and Life Style
Physical Activity in Health and Disease

3rd Semester
Applied and Laboratorial Research Work

Dissertation work


Research Areas


1. Aging

2. Non-Communicable Diseases

3. Primary Health Care

4. Fundamental Biomedical research


Approved Projects


PhD Course in Physical Activity and Health (2007-20110)
Approved Projects > see LIST


Application to PhD

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