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  1. Develop a set of knowledge in the area of physical activity and sport, linking them with health in its individual and social aspects, reinforcing the role played by that activity to combat inactivity.

  2. Develop a set of sufficient knowledge, theoretical and practical, that promote a lasting apprenticeship and sensibilize the individual to act according to the changes raised by the observed changes in society, particularly those induced by increased urbanization, the growth of leisure, increasing age of the population.


Students of courses of 1 ° and 2 ° or cycle in Sport Science and related areas.




PhD Jorge Mota


Contents and Credit Units


The course has a total number of 2 units of credit distributed by the subjects listed below.

Content Hours ECTS
(60 ECTS)
Physical Activity and Health - -
Coordination: PhD Jorge Mota
The Problem of Physical Activity and Disease In Children - -
Coordination: PhD José Alberto Duarte
Nutritional Facts in School - -
Coordination: PhD Pedro Moreira
Physical Activity in Life-Span The aging People
- -
Coordination: PhD Joana Carvalho
Physical Fitness and Health
Tools for Evaluation
- -
Coordination: PhD José Oliveira
Education and Physical Activity - -
Coordination: PhD Maria Paula Santos
Obesity and Physical Activity - -
Coordination: PhD José Carlos Ribeiro
Physiologic Adaptation and Physical Activity - -
Coordination: PhD António Ascensão e José Magalhães
Total -- --


Essencial Information


Number of Students



To set.


1 - 12 July from 9h30 until 12h30.


1 a 30 de Abril 2008. 1 to April 30, 2008.


The academic activities take place in the premises of the CIAFEL
Faculty of Sports
Rua Dr. Plácido Costa, 91
4200-450 Porto