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VOL1, NO2 (2010): Table of Contents

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The obstacles in planning and launching a new scientific journal
Authors: Scott Kline Powers
Original Research Manuscript
In vitro glucose uptake induced by electrical stimulation in soleus muscle. Does the stimulation frequency matter?
Authors: Julia Matzenbacher Santos, Sandra Aparecida Benite-Ribeiro, Glória Queiróz, Hans Joachim Appell, José Alberto Duarte
The effect of physical activity on serum lipids, lipoprotein, and apolipoproteins
Authors: Jerry Shearman, Dominic Micklewright, Jane Hardcastle, Michael Hamlin, Nick Draper
Effects of a moderate-intensity walking program on blood pressure, body composition and functional fitness in older women: results of a pilot study
Authors: Flávia Accioly Canuto Wanderley, José Oliveira, Jorge Mota, Joana Carvalho
Coordinative characterization of front crawl swimmers with Down syndrome
Authors: Ana Querido, Inês Marques-Aleixo, Pedro A. Figueiredo, Luísa Soares-Miranda, João Paulo Vilas-Boas, Rui Corredeira, Ricardo J. Fernandes