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VOL2, NO1 (2011): Table of Contents

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Aerobic exercise effect on the elderly functional capacity
Authors: Michael Sagiv
Original Research Manuscript
Prevalence of overweight/obesity among Portuguese preschoolers
Authors: Susana Vale, Rute Santos, Luísa Soares-Miranda, Carla Rêgo, Pedro Moreira, Jorge Mota
Influence of environmental temperature and humidity on the acute ventilatory response to exercise of asthmatic adolescents
Authors: Ana Silva, Hans Joachim Appell, Jose Alberto Duarte
Changes in cross sectional area per myonucleus on mice soleus muscle during one week of hindlimb suspension reinforce the concept of myonuclear domain
Authors: Carlos Eduardo Teixeira, José Alberto Duarte
Comparing the physiological cost of step-powered video gaming, sedentary video gaming, and self-paced ambulatory activity in university students
Authors: Nicola Diane Ridgers, Joanna McKinney, Gareth Stratton, Lee EF Graves