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VOL2, NO2 (2012): Table of Contents

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Is the scientific evidence available on exercise training adequate for advising the population on lifelong exercising habits?
Authors: Claudio Gil S. Araujo
Review Manuscript
Myonuclear domain in skeletal muscle fibers. A critical review.
Authors: Carlos Eduardo Teixeira, José Alberto Duarte
Original Research Manuscript
Effects of extension of the Youth Fit For Life intervention program by video vs. instructor supervision.
Authors: James J Annesi, Linda L Vaughn
Internet and cell phone based physical activity interventions in adults.
Authors: Purvi Mehta, Manoj Sharma
Prevalence of performance-enhancing substance use by Johannesburg male adolescents involved in competitive high school sports.
Authors: Philippe Gradidge, Yoga Coopoo, Demitri Constantinou