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VOL3, NO1-2 (2012): Table of Contents

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Improving health by fighting the sedentary lifestyle
Authors: Jorge Augusto Pinto da Silva Mota
Original Research Manuscript
Cross-sectional psychosocial differences between clinical and nonclinical samples of overweight adolescents
Authors: Susana Mariano Veloso, Margarida Gaspar Matos, Helena Fonseca, Marina Carvalho, José Alves Diniz, António Labisa Palmeira, Sandra S Martins
Effects of supplemental behaviour-oriented exercise intervention in a disease management program for breast cancer
Authors: Katharina Eckert, Martin Lange, Gerhard Huber
Effect of an accelerated ACL rehabilitation protocol on knee proprioception and muscle strength after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Authors: Francisco Silva, Fernando Ribeiro, José Oliveira
Calculation and validation of models for estimating VO2max from the 20-m shuttle run test in children and adolescents
Authors: Gustavo Silva, Nórton Luis Oliveira, Luísa Aires, Jorge Mota, José Oliveira, José Carlos Ribeiro
Are fatigue and sleeping difficulty related to adolescent physical activity and sedentary behaviour? Highlights from the Portuguese HBSC study
Authors: Nuno Loureiro, Margarida Gaspar Matos, Jose Alves Diniz
Effects of the coach approach intervention on psychosocial predictors of exercise and subsequent changes in glucose metabolism, cardiorespiratory functioning, and body Composition: a pilot project of the interior health of British Columbia and a local YMC
Authors: James J Annesi, Gisele Tennant, Angela Chapman, Karlene Sewell
The effect of one bout of incremental exercise on salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA) of high school students
Authors: Alireza Ramezani, Amir hossein Barati, Mohammad ali Azarbaijani, Mohammad Tohidi, Mehdi Abbaszadegan
Does behavioral intention predict physical activity behaviors related to adolescent obesity?
Authors: Melinda J. Ickes, Manoj Sharma