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VOL4, NO1 (2014): Table of Contents

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The Time has Come for Oncologists to Recommend Physical Activity to Cancer Survivors
Authors: Ana Ruiz-Casado, Alejandro Lucia
Review Manuscript
Can Active Video Games Be Part of the Solution to Promote Physical Activity in Youth? A Systematic Review
Authors: João Luis Fernandes do Carmo, António Labisa Palmeira
Original Research Manuscript
Lipodystrophy and Body Image in Physically Active and Sedentary HIV-infected Patients
Authors: Paulo Farinatti, Bruna Andrade, Lorena Paes, Juliana Borges
The Association between Grade, Gender, Physical Activity, and Back Pain among Children Carrying Schoolbags
Authors: Despina Papadopoulou, Paraskevi Malliou, Nikolaos Kofotolis, Maria I Emmanouilidou, Eleftherios Kellis
Tissue Viability Imaging of Skin Microcirculation Following Exposure to Whole Body Cryotherapy (-110°C) and Cold Water Immersion (8°C)
Authors: Joseph Thomas Costello, Paul McNamara, Marie-Louise O’Connell, LA Algar, Martin Leahy, Alan Donnelly