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VOL5, NO1-2 (2015): Table of Contents

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A primer on self-regulation and health behavior change
Authors: Pedro Jorge Teixeira
Review Manuscript
Measure of Physical Activity for Health Promotion and Education Research
Authors: Adam Knowlden
Selecting Hip Strengthening Exercises for Healthy Aging
Authors: Iván Chulvi-Medrano, Esteban Martínez-Ballester, Laura Masiá-Tortosa
Original Research Manuscript
Somatotype, Body Composition and Explosive Power of Athlete and Non-Athlete
Authors: Sukanta Saha
The Physical Activity Levels and Play Behaviours of Children with Special Needs: An Exploratory Cross-sectional Study.
Authors: Daniel David Bingham, Lynne M Boddy, Nicola D Ridgers, Gareth Stratton
Psychosocial Predictors of Change in Physical Activity and Quality of Life in the PESSOA Program: A School-based Intervention Study
Authors: António Moreno Quaresma, António Labisa Palmeira, Sandra Silva Martins, Cláudia Sofia Minderico, Luís Bettencourt Sardinha
Investigating the effectiveness on educational attainment and behaviour of Commando Joe’s: a school-based, military-ethos intervention
Authors: Helen E. Mills, Melitta McNarry, Gareth Stratton, Stephen D. Mellalieu, Kelly A. Mackintosh