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VOL1, NO1 (2010): Table of Contents

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Research in exercise science: a road map for the future
Authors: Scott Kline Powers
Review Manuscript
Effects of exercise and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) on aortic stiffness in the elderly
Authors: Moran Sagiv, Nir Eynon, Michael Sagiv, Chen Yamin, Alberto Jorge Alves
Original Research Manuscript
Health perceptions, leisure time physical activity, meal frequency and body mass index in Portuguese male adolescents
Authors: Rute Santos, José Carlos Ribeiro, Joana Carvalho, Maria Paula Santos, Jorge Mota
The effectiveness of a ‘short, sharp, shock’ high intensity exercise intervention in 11- and 12-year-old Liverpool schoolgirls
Authors: Lynne Mary Boddy, Gareth Stratton, Allan F. Hackett, Keith P George
Differences in the physical activity pattern between Portuguese and Spanish adolescents
Authors: Pedro Silva, Susana Aznar, Luisa Aires, Eduardo Generelo, Javier Zaragoza, Jorge Mota